Module One Overview

Module 1: Overview

Welcome to module 1!  In this module you will examine your present instructional strategies, reflect upon your personal experiences, and begin to learn what great teachers do to engage and motivate students.

First you’ll complete a pre-course self-reflection where you’ll respond to questions on a google form about your prior and current experiences teaching writing. This form is for you and me to identify a baseline, where you are currently in regards to writing pedagogy, and where you want to be.

From this point, the module is broken into three success criteria.

  1. What makes a good teacher great?  
  2. Teachers are Committed to Students and Their Learning
  3. Best Practices: What Do We Mean by Best Practice?

Finally, the module ends with a self-reflection about your success in the identified three criteria for this module.

Finally, while working through each of these modules, collectively the modules are designed for you to create a high quality writing program and embed best practice instructional strategies as the foundation that is aligned to your curriculum standards while focusing on student learning and achievement. 

Alright, my friend, it’s time to get started!

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