Hey Friends! Dr. Annette here. Welcome to our the Professional Learning Series focusing on writing! Specifically, our focus will center on how to support your struggling writers overcome writer’s block.  

~ Do your students struggle with writing: content, style, form, process, mechanics, or characteristics of great writing? 
~ Maybe they complain, argue, or have a sour attitude about writing and don’t turn in any or very little writing assignments?
~ How about when you walk over to check on their progress, they say . . . “I don’t know what to write about” or “I have nothing to write about”. Do you have these students? Every year? 
~ Perhaps you struggle with finding the “secret sauce” to help your 25+ diverse students be successful writers because they all have different needs?
Can you relate?

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~How to Support Struggling Writers ~
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  Module 1
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  Module 2
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Alright my friend, are you ready to get started?  Go ahead and check out some preview components of this course.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me at [email protected].  

I look forward to seeing you in class.


Alright my friends, are you wondering if you this course is right for you. Well . . . this course if for YOU. . .  
✍️~ If you are a teacher in public, private, or a homeschool parent, this training is for you.  
~ If you have struggling writers, this training is for you.  
~ If you want to add more instructional strategies to your literacy toolbox, this training is for you.  
Not only do we focus on writing, but we also integrate the other literacy skills in reading, listening, and speaking. This way, your students will not only overcome writer’s block, but also build a strong literacy foundation - perhaps overcoming challenges in all literacy areas. 

In this Professional Learning Series we will focus on how to support struggling writers and will your toolbox with instructional strategies that you can implement right away. 

In this Professional Learning Series, we have four session. Each session will focus on a different aspect of writing and instructional strategies.

Let’s take a look at the sessions.

Session 1

In session one we focus on why students experience writer’s block. We examine four common reasons and learn at least ten initial strategies to support writers. Each strategy builds student confidence across the writing continuum from early childhood right into high school.

Session 2

In the second session, we focus on learning from the experts with model texts to unlock writer's block. An often missed resource in writing instruction is pulling on the expertise of our authors. I shared specific strategies on how you can use one book, multiple ways, to not only support your learner in overcoming his/her challenge, but also bridging the writing-reading connection.  

Session 3

In the third session, we are focus on differentiating instruction with multiple intelligences to unlock writer's block. We’re going to dig into the various learning intelligences your students have and learn several strategies that you can implement in lessons and assessments as a way to support your writers.

Session 4

Finally, in session four, we will focus on priming the brain for writing and next steps for writers. We will take a look at how the strategies we’ve been learning can be integrated into instruction. We will wrap up this session with some next steps for you and your writers. 


Hey! I'm Dr. Annette Durbin, Ed. D. National Board Certified Teacher, MC/Gen

With more than 30 years teaching experience in all grades, preschool to 6 grade, I am excited to share with you my expertise in developing a classroom of students who enjoy, no ❤️, writing! 
I’ve taught in public and private school settings, and even took time to homeschool my own children for a few years. Currently, I am a teacher and instructional specialist in my district, mentor and coach teachers and those seeking National Board Certification, an author of digital content and course creator, a mom to six amazing kiddos (they are now adults) with two grandchildren, who loves family time, travel, camping, sunshine, game nights, and making a difference in my community.