Welcome to Class!

Welcome to the Curriculum Design Challenge!

I'm so excited you've joined us for the Curriculum Design Challenge! This course is prepared for educators and business personnel in charge of training and development.

Designing and implementing a curriculum map will provide guidance for your instructional context, opportunity to reflect upon progress, and direction to revise and improve instruction, learning, achievement, and production.

If this is your first opportunity to learn about curriculum design or you want a more focused and detailed training program, get ready to experience teaching on a new, exciting level. Whether you are a homeschool, public, or private classroom teacher, a business owner or one in charge of training and professional development, I'm certain you will benefit from this extra measure of program design, and this will quickly become one of your "go to strategies" to launch a successful year!

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What you can expect?

During this four module training series, you will develop the skills and knowledge that you need to create a yearlong curriculum map for your teaching context. Whether you are an educator, camp counselor, business person, or someone who is in charge of providing training, the information you learn will be implemented to your specific teaching context.

You can also expect me to provide 110% of professional expertise to help you meet your goals. If you have any questions, please contact me, so I can provide assistance.

My mission is to provide a space to support the work you do with students everyday! I hope I am able to add value to your work by sharing research based instructional skills and strategies, educational resources, provide professional development and coaching opportunities, engage everyone in sharing ideas, and inspire all types of educators to be the best educator YOU can be in your teaching environment, so your learners have the best teacher with them!! YOU!!

If this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place!! I hope you are able to find great value in our online education community, The Digital Teacher Blog.

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