Are you looking for a time-saving resource?
Perhaps a resource that can be used for multiple lessons and or assignments?
How about 6 templates that are designed to be used for all content?

Look NO further . . .
I've got you covered!!

template samples

In this resource, I'm sharing some of my favorite, quick, templates that I use in my classroom.

Use each template for a variety of lessons. From spelling with places for sentences and pictures to crafting a writing piece with a prewrite organizer to include pictures and ideas. Then use this template to practice reading skills and strategies or as a learning tool for note taking and solving math problems. You can even use these templates for science and social studies content. These templates are perfect for any classroom!

While some templates allow students to create pictures for their content, there are also templates for you to add a pictures and text directly onto the lesson.
Whether your students are working on vocabulary, fiction or nonfiction text, these templates will support your learners.

Use this resource 2 ways!

Just use the Canva link embedded in this resource, upload the templates to your Canva account, and create an incredible assignment for your students.
It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Additionally, print off these templates and use as graphic organizers for your students to organize their thoughts and use as a learning tool.
The choice is YOURS!!

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